Mills on the Air
2020 Physical meets CANCELLED due to Coronavirus. Note that Online/on-air activities may still go ahead in support of SPAB



Calling all Radio Amateurs and Short Wave Listeners

National Mills Weekend 2020

It is with much regret that we have to announce the Mills on the air special event this year has to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some online/on-air activities may still go ahead in support of SPAB but not physical meets. Check with OFCOM yourselves if in doubt (subject to your licence conditions).

The S.P.A.B. Mills section (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) run this event every year on or around the second weekend in May, and Denby Dale Radio Society are co-ordinating the Radio side of this event.

This event is not a contest, we would like you to have a good time and promote Amateur Radio while helping to preserve some of our heritage. PLEASE BE READY TO JOIN US IN 2021.

We are also eager to receive any relevant pictures that you might like to see used on future certificates. Please make sure you do have the copyright for any images you send us.

If you would like to take part by running a station, approach a Wind or Watermill or even an ancient steam driven mill, ask if they are taking part would they like to have an Amateur Radio Station as part of their event to promote awareness of the mill.

Tell them about your QSL card for the event and how it could be of benefit to them, they may even provide a picture and help with the cost of printing.

Taking part in Mills on the Air is a great way to promote our hobby but also to help and publicise the work done by SPAB in keeping alive our industrial heritage.

PLEASE NOTE that all clubs / groups or individuals MUST have their own INSURANCE for the event. D.D.A.R.S. take no responsibility for the running of your station.

If you have the details of the Station (call sign etc), please will you register so we can keep everyone up to date with the latest news?

You may also contact us at:

More info about S.P.A.B. here:- SPAB



Denby Dale Amateur Radio Society was founded over 40 years ago at the Pie Hall, Denby Dale, a village famous since 1788 for giant pies.

Meetings are in a first-floor room or the ground-floor hall, which has disabled access.

We meet on the first and third Wednesdays in the month for an 8pm start. On the other Wednesdays, we often gather around 8pm for a night on the air. Our Sunday net is at 10.30am on GB3HD 433.225MHz fm.

We compete in contests, arrange special events and offer training for all levels of the amateur radio licence.