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Useful links

Let us know if you find a site you think we should add (email link above).

See the home page for link to our youtube channel for zoom recordings
Websites by friends of the club, including those who have given talks to us over zoom
Our great friend and prolific broadcaster Bob Heil K9EIDUK GQRP Club
Practical Wireless MagazineAnthony Luscre K8ZT
Military Wireless MuseumAlan Wolke W2AEW on youtube
Suppliers of equipment and parts
Lam Communications: ham radio shop in BarnsleyCricklewoodelectronics - parts and more
Rapidonline - component suppliers Jabdog component supplies - run by radio amateurs
Martin Lynch RadioWorld: Ham radio supplies
Mirfield Electronics - ham radio gear ESR Component supplies, will do small quantities
Aerial Parts Ham Goodies - parts for shack and portable
Various other links you may find useful or interesting
Note, list below still needs some editing :-)
Huddersfield Repeaters Other West Yorkshire Repeaters
Check out tropospheric condition Guide for electronic circuits for kids (thanks Noah)
Worked All Britain and its awards Comprehensive website for four metres
Website for amateurs who use Apple Macs Guide to Q codes
Multi-band trap dipole for the loft Learn cw from one of the world's fastest operators
Essex Ham - cats on the air Electrical/Electronic glossary for beginners (thanks Ethan)
Kirklees Raynet via Hans Summers - homebrew projects
Need to know a grid square? Enter your address or callsign The Radio Society of Great Britain
How to become a radio amateur
All about batteries
Guide to amateur radio and DX: thousands of links Echolink: Communicate over the internet
Ofcom.Licensing updates Vintage and Military ARS
Radio amateurs' Emergency Network Info for Drake and Collins fans
A paper on RFI
Raspberry Pi and Linux
As a follow up to the presentation held at the Pie Hall Michael 2E0MJR has collected all the links to the various items that were mentioned.
The main Raspbery Pi siteQuick Start Guide
ForumsThe MagPi
Raspberry JamsRaspberry Pi shop
Cool things to do
Linux intro videoLinux tutorial video
UbuntuLinux mint